Newsletter #1


Industry news nuggets from the world of DTC and beyond...

Fancy a printed drink?
~ I saw a Times article on these guys a few weeks back. The review was great. Although I can't help but draw parallels between this and another revolutionary portable consumer focussed machine.

Not so fast
~ this one set the eComm LinkedIn world on fire a couple of weeks back. Still can't wrap my head around how they were thinking about run versus burn rate? If you want to get a little more colour on the backstory, NPR released this story in Feb of 2022.

Elon not sure if he'll actually buy Twitter
~ loads of great coverage of this. I'm curious to see how his vision pans out compared to other notable free speech proponents Truth Social and GB News. Meanwhile, the NFT of JD's frist tweet just won't sell - unbelievable 🙄

The streaming war is over...and the loser is Netflix
~ only kidding. However, it does seem like Netflix is human after all. Maybe their Abercrombie & Fitch doco will bring back 700k + subs? Some great reads/podcasts about this. I'd recommend Recode's state of streaming episode.

Thursday's crowdsourcing fail
~ have gorilla tactics gone too far? Will London's advertising cohort ever forgive the dating upstart? Watch this space 👀

Huel launches Huel Wear
~ intersted to see how Good On You rate their new product line. It makes me wonder if the way to solve the fashion industry problems is to add yet another athliesure brand into the mix 🤷‍♀️

Shopify acquires Dovetail
~ this dovetails nicley (😏 ) with their recent Linkpop tool launch. Meanwhile, Pineapple raised $1.1m pre seed to power Gen Z's LinkedIn. Life is good for the creator economy 💸

Lick acquires Eco-Union
~ big fan of these guys. Great product and revolutionary stick on sample colours. What's not to lick 😎


The hottest jobs in DTC...

Avex, Digital Agency
Sales Development Representatve

Jigsaw, brand
Digital Project Manager

Ace & Tate, brand
Digital Product Designer

Estella Bartlett, brand
Social Media Content Creator

Heights, DTC brand
Product Manager

Otherway, digital agency
Strategy Director