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Creators Unite
The team behind Parade World have just launched the world’s first marketplace for creators - Moetic. These guys have a pretty serious pedigree when it comes to marketplaces so it’s super cool to see them apply this to the creator economy (currently worth $104.2 billion and growing) and take on the likes of TikTok’s seller programme.

High Zalando

The big dog German e-tailer, Zalando, has taken a majority stake in Highsnobiety. The business reasoning seems to be that Highsnobiety will make Zalando cooler by offering “cultural relevance and insight” consulting services, whilst Zalando’s eComm/tech muscle will help Highsnobiety scale. I’m intrigued to see how this will play out. I get the commercial logic above, but I reckon Highsnobiety will need to tread pretty carefully in order to maintain their authenticity USP and therefore customer base.

Another One Bites The Dust

Rapid delivery startup, Jokr, has announced it is winding down its US operations. They join a pretty sizable list of similar businesses that have either scaled back, gone out of business or have been acquired - see Getir, Weezy, GoPuff, Gorillas etc.

I’ve been super intrigued by the explosion of on-demand grocery apps over the last two years. I totally get the use case for online and on-demand groceries. But 15 min groceries? That feels really hard to execute. Operationally, it must be incredibly challenging (especially in developed countries with high wages) and I’m not sold on the consumer need.

For more on this, check out this LinkdeIn thread.

Crypto’s Going Into Hibernation

A great post from The Pragmatic Engineer laying out the crypto state of play and associated layoffs. It’s getting chilly 🥶

The Coinbase announcement was particularly interesting as they rescinded a bunch of job offers even though they said they wouldn’t. This backtracking caused quite the LinkedIn stir, however - and I get it would suck if you were one of these people - wouldn't you rather avoid going down with the sinking ship? Also, I’m pretty sure the peeps that had their offers revoked are more than employable. So anyone impacted by Coinbase’s layoffs, enjoy the summer and check out the sick jobs below 👇

Total Recall

DTC vegan food brand, Daily Harvest, recalled their lentil and leek crumbles dish after multiple customers complained on social media of stomach issues. Maybe they should consider investing in a Chief Taste Consultant to QA products before they’re shipped? 😁

…in other food-related news. KFC in Australia are being forced to replace cabbage in their burgers due to lettuce shortages (this is a bloody outrage) and Londoners will now be able to enjoy a Heinz brekkie delivered straight to their door as the iconic baked bean brand teams up with Uber. 😋

Amazon AR

The eCommerce giant rolled out a new AR feature that lets users virtually try on shoes. However, the new tech doesn’t help with sizing. To be honest, I’m a little underwhelmed by this - and AR applications more broadly. Like, I get it’s cool to try on shoes virtually or see what a sofa looks like in your living room but I fail to see how it’s a game-changer, especially as it doesn’t help with sizing. It begs the question - what does it actually offer that great product photography, video and reviews (with UGC) on a product page doesn’t? Viva La PDPs 🎉🎉

And finally…

Hot off the press 🔥  - Shopify has just released Shopify Editions. This is pretty cool as it looks like a nice mash-up of their general how-to guides and the announcements one usually gets at their Unite Conference. I will likely come back to this in the next newsletter.


The hottest jobs in DTC...

Snug, DTC Brand
Senior Social & Community Executive

Toteme, DTC brand
Multiple roles…

Vervaunt, Digital Agency
Affiliate Marketing Manager

Astrid & Miyu, DTC Brand
Senior Ecommerce Manager

Sunspel, Brand
Senior Digital Marketing Manager

The Working Party, Digital agency
UX/UI Designer

Juni, DTC fintech
Multiple roles…