Newsletter #2


Industry news nuggets from the world of DTC and beyond...

Amazon buy button
~ as a consumer, I can totally see it from a convenience perspective. However, as an FBA seller, is it really going to drive way more traffic to my site? And what if my DTC channel is Shopify, which I assume is the DTC platform of choice for loads of FBA sellers? Watch this space 👀

Thrasio in trouble?
~ this one seems to have flown under the radar in terms of general LinkedIn chatter. Curious to see how that plays out across the aggregator space.

Airbnb goes remote
~ at the same time,
Apple are getting some pretty serious backlash from their WFH policy with many workers saying it will make Apple "younger, whiter, more male-dominated, more neuro-normative, [and] more able-bodied”. I don’t reckon anybody has actually figured out flexible working but my general sense is that companies (although I appreciate there will be exceptions to this) that don’t offer flexibility will lose out on good talent. If you want a very different perspective, check out this bloke’s LinkedIn post that sent the internet on fire last week. Pretty sure he is pro bringing back powdered wigs too 👴🏻

~ WPP launches a new end-end commerce offering. I’m super curious to see how this plays out compared to somebody like THG.

~ the sustainable fashion app that offers repairs and alterations,
closed a £2.4m pre-seed round. This is such a sick idea. Check it out 🤙

30 under 30
~ Forbes has released its list for 2022 which also means LinkedIn profile updates will hit a yearly high. Jokes apart, so sick to see some amazing people I know on this list:
Alex, Yang and Hannah. Bloody rockstars 🎸

Pay for Twitter?
~ I suppose Elon could use a hand with his Help to Buy Twitter scheme application 😎


The hottest jobs in DTC...

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Marketing Production Coordinator

Charle, Digital Agency
Project Manager

Alloy, eComm Tech
Brand Design Lead

By Association Only, Digital Agency
Project Manager

Allplants, Brand
Head of Brand

Vervaunt, Digital Agency
Affiliate Marketing Manager

LoyaltyLion, eComm Tech
Senior People Partner