Our Agency Consulting Thesis

Before we get into it. A little about me…

My career can only be described as eclectic. I started out in finance and spent some time at Citigroup and Goldman Sachs. I then decided to quit the corporate world and started a record label. This was a cool experience and taught me a lot about running a consumer business, but ultimately a failure. After some time doing some general business consulting, I decided that the agency world was an area that I was interested in as I like the intersection of creativity, business and technology. After a failed start at a very small marketing agency in Dublin I moved back to London and saw a job opening at a Shopify agency. I had some Shopify experience from the record label but instead of applying for the job

So what’s my agency consulting thesis?

Many agencies are founded by crafts people. Be it technical or creative. And those people typically love the craft but don’t particularly love running a multi million pound professional services business. So what happens? The hamster wheel effect; a tit for tat of revenue and headcount that is masked in the idea of growth. So my general thesis is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Of course, I’m not suggesting that it is completely unavoidable but by setting a three year plan and breaking the business into the consituent people, operations and commercial pillars

Our consulting services focus on design, development and product agencies who are looking to set their strategic objectives and enhance their people, operations and commercial goals. We do this by providing fractional leadership on a retainer basis. Our clients include Superco, Disco Labs, Midnight, Sweden Unlimited and Rotate°.