About Us

Hey, I’m Tim ✌️ 

My professional story is a rather eclectic one. I started my career in finance and spent time at Citigroup and Goldman Sachs. But wearing a suit and calculating the daily value of mutual funds wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be. So I decided to quit finance and start a record label. I think I had a quarter-life creative crisis. Surprise surprise, the record label business is terrible. After three years of ‘creative output’, I decided I’d scratched that itch and it was time to get back into the real world.

I spent the next five years getting under the hood of various businesses as a freelance strategic marketing consultant. Some of the companies I worked with were West Cork Music, Britvic Ireland, The Jelly Bean Factory and Trinity College Dublin. However, I was destined for agency land.

In 2016, a creative director friend suggested I check out a job board called Unicorn Hunt. There was a Shopify agency advertising a role. Instead of applying, I did some research and found that the agency was hosting an event that evening. I signed up to the event, approached the founders and told them I was their guy. The agency was We Make Websites and I had the job 5 days later.

I spent the next five and a half years growing the sales, marketing and account management functions at WMW and eventually becoming the Commercial Director. We scaled from less than £1m to £6.5m, were approached by The Born Group in 2020 and sold the business in 2021.

I was a minority shareholder and decided to use the acquisition as an opportunity to set out on my own, turn Your Basket Is Empty from a podcast into a content and consulting company and do a little angel investing. Some folks I'm working with are Shoptstory, Noki and Loah.

So let's talk about consulting...

What Do We Do?

We bring 8 years of digital commerce knowledge, perspective and contacts to drive change within your business.


How Do We Do It?

We use a simple chemistry meeting and audit process to unpack where you are, where you want to go and the opportunities to get there.

We then create a clear and prioritised execution plan which can be delivered by us in a fractional capacity working alongside your team. Or, we help you hire in the right people. Or we simply stay on in an advisory role and guide you through the implementation.


Who Do We Work With?

Our sweet spot of client are agencies and tech partners in the £1m - £10m ARR range. And our capabilities are deep and wide.

Some things we've done are: create and execute a Shopify go-to-market with an enterprise SI, building a partner programme for a SaaS payments platform, creating a three year exit strategy and developing multiple marketing and sales plans. 

If the opportunity is right and we feel it will add value, we will bring in somebody from our partner network.


Want To Work With Us?

We're always down for a chemistry call. So find a time that suits you here and we'll get back to you with some preliminary questions to unpack where you are and where you want to go.