Your Basket Is Empty is a team of digital experts.

We help consumer brands navigating £5m - £50m in revenue make better commercial decisions. 

We do this by evaluating people, process, technology and customer experience to produce a digital roadmap which is delivered and managed by us.



We are all alumni of We Make Websites; the UK's largest Shopify Plus agency that was acquired by The BORN Group in 2021. We designed, built and grew the digital commerce operations of global brands such as Pangaia, Hasbro, Jigsaw, Toteme, Toast, Alessi, David Beckham, Bulletproof and This Works.

We started Your Basket Is Empty from a point of frustration. Frustrated that, as a traditional agency, we couldn't have the impact we wanted because we were managing a large portfolio of clients. The result? Brand-side burnout, misalignment of expectations, and expensive churn. Of course, this isn’t the experience of every client, nor is this representative of every agency. But it challenged us to think outside the box. Why not build a company designed NOT to scale?

That’s Your Basket Is Empty. We are a team of technical, commerce, design and commercial experts. We're agile and lean and you work with us - directly.



We work with your senior team to create and deliver your digital roadmap. In order to do that, we thoroughly investigate and evaluate your people, process, technology and customer experience.


Organisational chart review, third party service provider review, acting as the interface with third party service providers, hiring, tapping into our digital commerce network of highly influential people.


Reviewing your current digital process, QA, assessing which methodologies work in you business (agile, waterfall), documentation, project management.


Platform evaluation selection, front-end technology assessment and recommendations, RFP process management, custom app development, website development, replatforming, TCO analysis.

Customer Experience

UX/UI Design, CRM, loyalty, post-purchase experience, CRO, user journeys , personalisation, customer data & insights, B2B.



We favour asynchronous information flow over multiple discovery workshops. Thus, our engagement process is designed to be quick, yet thorough, ensuring that we begin delivering your digital roadmap as soon as possible.

✨ Chemistry

Our first touch point is an initial one hour chemistry call to unpack where you are and where you want to be. Expect a small, but impactful, list of questions to help us identify if we’re the right fit and which of our services suits you best.

✨ Discovery

Our discovery phase is custom to each client. However, we believe much of the discovery process can be done asynchronously with the use of efficient requirements gathering tools. Our face to face or virtual meetings are small in number, but always impactful. The outcome of discovery is a detailed Statement of Work and an initial three-month digital roadmap.

✨ Delivery

We begin our delivery process with a three-month retainer designed to manage and deliver the initial digital roadmap we create in our discovery process. The programme is managed by us alongside your senior team.

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