Ep 122: Defining eCommerce OS with Cian Wright, VP of Partnerships at Swap

 We discuss why post purchases experiences are generally poor, the impact Amazon has had on consumer expectation, what it’s like to build a modern B2B SaaS roadmap, why eCommerce operating systems are important, taking incumbents like Global E and the power of a cool B2B brand. 


This podcast is sponsored by my mates at Swap.

Swap is the Ecommerce Operating System (OS) powering brands like Motel Rocks, Joseph Joseph, Drakes, Nadine Merabi, Tala, Never Fully Dressed & Percival.

From shipping, tracking and package protection, to returns and cross-border, they have you covered. And they mean that – their team handles all the direct relationships with your carriers, 3PLs, and recycling partners to give you time back you never knew you had.

Let them turn your logistics lemons into a Swap lemonade 🍋

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Enjoy ✌️