Episode 45: Kelsey Moreira, Founder & Fearless Leader of Doughp

I chat with Kelsey Moreira, Founder & Fearless Leader of Doughp. Some of my favourite takeaways from our discussion are...

  • How getting sober led to the creation of Doughp (2:18)
  • Where we are in terms of de-stigmatising addiction recovery (7:28)
  • Why not starting a canned mocktail company was a good idea (10:39)
  • How the pandemic brought about a successful pivot (15:36)
  • The advantages of having real SMS conversations with your customers (25:51)
  • Why being authentic is the only option (27:46)
  • How community can be a differentiator for challenger DTC brands (34:16)
  • What it's like to be a Shark Tank contestant (37:52)

A quick word on my sponsor...

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