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Episode 7: Max Whicher, co-founder at Spin Brands

On this episode, I sit down with Max Wicher (co-founder of Spin Brands) and we talk about cutting through the digital noise if you're a D2C brand, scaling the agency model and which famous people he'd prefer to be stuck in an elevator with. A quick word on my sponsor for this episode... Klaviyo is the world’s leading owned marketing platform known for accelerating revenue for online businesses using the channels they own like email, web and mobile. Enabling companies to leverage these owned marketing channels, Klaviyo makes it easy to store, access, analyze and use transactional and behavioural data to power highly-targeted customer and prospect communications. And unlike other marketing platforms, Klaviyo doesn’t force companies to compromise between advanced...

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Episode 4: Luke Hodgson, co-founder of High Cohesion

In the fourth episode of Your Basket Is Empty, I sit down with my friend Luke Hodgson (co-founder of High Cohesion). We touch on his mission to help developers of all abilities work more creatively with data, building CSR into the DNA of a start-up and the time he added 'sock model' to his CV. A big shout out to my sponsor for this episode, LTVplus. Looking to grow your brand internationally? Want to outsource your customer experience in any time zone and language? Then check them out at ltvplus.com.  

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Episode 2: Diana Pearl, Journalist at Adweek

In the second episode of Your Basket Is Empty, I sit down with Diana Pearl, journalist at Adweek. We touch on the rise and fall of Victoria's Secret, the state of the UK's online retail sector and the origins of the saying 'it's all gone Pete Tong'. Enjoy!

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