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May Newsletter, Vol 1

 NEWS 🐓 Industry news nuggets from the world of DTC and beyond...Amazon buy button~ as a consumer, I can totally see it from a convenience perspective. However, as an FBA seller, is it really going to drive way more traffic to my site? And what if my DTC channel is Shopify, which I assume is the DTC platform of choice for loads of FBA sellers? Watch this space 👀Thrasio in trouble?~ this one seems to have flown under the radar in terms of general LinkedIn chatter. Curious to see how that plays out across the aggregator space.Airbnb goes remote~ at the same time, Apple are getting some pretty serious backlash from their WFH policy with many workers saying it will...

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April Newsletter, Vol 2

NEWS  Industry news nuggets from the world of DTC and beyond...Fancy a printed drink?~ I saw a Times article on these guys a few weeks back. The review was great. Although I can't help but draw parallels between this and another revolutionary portable consumer focussed machine.Not so fast~ this one set the eComm LinkedIn world on fire a couple of weeks back. Still can't wrap my head around how they were thinking about run versus burn rate? If you want to get a little more colour on the backstory, NPR released this story in Feb of 2022.Elon not sure if he'll actually buy Twitter~ loads of great coverage of this. I'm curious to see how his vision pans out compared to other notable...

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