Hey, I’m Tim ✌️ 

My professional story is a rather eclectic one. I started my career in finance and spent time at Citigroup and Goldman Sachs. But wearing a suit and calculating the daily value of mutual funds wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be. So I decided to quit finance and start a record label. I think I had a quarter-life creative crisis. Surprise surprise, the record label business is terrible. After three years of ‘creative output’, I decided I’d scratched that itch and it was time to get back into the real world.

I spent the next five years getting under the hood of various businesses as a freelance strategic marketing consultant. Some of the companies I worked with were West Cork Music, Britvic Ireland, The Jelly Bean Factory and Trinity College Dublin. However, I was destined for agency land.

In 2016, a creative director friend suggested I check out a job board called Unicorn Hunt. There was a Shopify agency advertising a role. Instead of applying, I did some research and found that the agency was hosting an event that evening. I signed up to the event, approached the founders and told them I was their guy. The agency was We Make Websites and I had the job 5 days later.

I spent the next five and a half years growing the sales, marketing and account management functions at WMW and eventually becoming the Commercial Director. We scaled from less than £1m to £6.5m, were approached by The Born Group in 2020 and sold the business in 2021.

I was a minority shareholder and decided to use the acquisition as an opportunity to set out on my own, turn Your Basket Is Empty from a podcast into a content and consulting company and do a little angel investing. Some folks I'm working with are Shoptstory, Noki and Loah.

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